AAPI Charitable Foundation (AAPI-CF) is a non-profit division of the Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin. It represents over 60,000 practicing physicians and over 20,000 Medical Students, Residents and Fellows.

As we enter the twenty-first century it seems even more vital that AAPI physicians look beyond the communities and states they are working in, to a larger world outside that needs not only all the monetary help they can provide but their professional skills. While reaching out to those who need Indian physicians, charity is an intrinsic part of Indian culture.

One of the major concerns of AAPI since its inception has been to deliver healthcare to those living on the fringes of society, both in India and the US. To fulfill this goal, a charitable trust was established in 1989. The program was launched by providing free equipment to various hospitals with the help of the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The AAPI Charitable Foundation, however, realized that with a population of over one billion, health problems in India were so overwhelming that the transfer of technology alone would not suffice. Even after 50 years of independence, a majority of Indians, the poor and disadvantaged, continue to fight for basic survival. The struggle begins at the point of conception, where undernourishment can lead to significant risk during delivery, with high infant and maternal mortality.