North Texas Indian Physician Charitable Foundation (TIPS Clinic)

TIPS Clinic
1701 Britain Rd.
Irving, TX

North Texas Indian Physician Charitable Foundation Clinic was formed under the umbrella of TIPS, NE Chapter to help people who could not afford medical care and it operates a free clinic at 1701 Britain Rd, Irving, TX.

Some founding members of TIPS, NE Chapter had the vision to serve the community by forming a free clinic. Several Doctors visited similar clinics, consulted physicians and other community members to help form the above organization. They were impressed by the support of various organizations that shared the common goal of providing free service to the needy. It culminated in the grand opening of the TIPS clinic on May 21, 2000 at 1513 Viceroy Dr., Dallas, using office space graciously provided free by Sante Chary, JD. This was the fourth such clinic in the nation managed by the ‘Indian’ Physicians in the US, who were also supporting thirteen clinics in India by 1999. Later DFW Hindu Temple provided free space at the current location. Many call it the ‘Temple clinic’, but it serves people from all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The clinic is open twice a month, the first and third Sundays from 10.00AM till 1.00PM. All the people serving in this clinic, physicians and non-physicians alike are volunteers. Main focus is on preventive medical care, treating chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, consultations, and referral to specialists depending on the need. Free annual physical evaluations and well woman exams are provided. Labs including blood tests, urine test and PAP smears are provided at discounted rates. Also, EKG’s, x-rays, pelvic sonograms, and mammograms are provided for eligible people either free or at discounted prices from outside vendors who are ‘Friends of TIPS’. About 80 people per clinic session, roughly 1,800 visits per year, are served. Although majority of the patients are of Indian origin, many have Nepalese, Mexican and American origin. Goal is to open the clinic every Sunday and provide different specialty consultations in the future.

Nephrologists and Oncologists are already available. With the energy and enthusiasm of younger generation physicians’ clinic expects to achieve, accomplish and more services.

Gracious thanks to parent organization, TIPS North East Chapter for the financial support, DFW Hindu Temple for providing free space, community and Drs for donations and help from numerous volunteers is duly recognized.

In consultation with Anupkumar Shetty and Sante Chary.



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AAPI boasts of an enthusiastic membership of physicians of Indian origin across the United States. AAPI's charitable foundation (AAPI-CF) aims to serve the millions of people who could benefit from a good standard of medical services.Through the assistance and hard work of several dedicated and distinguished AAPI Physicians, the AAPI Charitable Foundation was established in 1992. Our Foundation was designed to provide an infrastructure support system for needy patients in India. Please help us to continue supporting our clinics by donating, volunteering, and spreading the word about our organization.

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