Chairman's Message

Madhu Aggarwal, MD

Chairwoman, AAPI Charitable Foundation

The AAPI Charitable Foundation has been serving the humanity since 1987. The Foundation provides supportive infrastructure and resources to impoverished patients in India. Within that framework, the Foundation was built around two primary goals:

1. Provide the time and resources to support clinics for those in need.

2. Maintain the effectiveness and success of the clinics, with AAPI Foundation overseeing the progress of the project.

With an annual budget of $140,000 to $180,000, the Foundation is able to support and oversee 15 clinics in rural India currently. In addition to providing medical care to the clinic patients, each clinic engages in on-site and outreach programs as well. AAPI-CF is committed to serve the poorest of the poor in remote areas of India and in the USA. We serve a base of over a million patients annually and also provide outreach programs for disease prevention and education. The Foundation continues to work towards its goal of supporting at least one clinic in each Indian state. In addition, we also support three cancer centers, three major trauma centers, and a hospital.

We have partnered with other NGOs in several initiatives like the Nandi Drinking-Water-distribution Foundation and the Seva International. We are currently working on the ECHO Project and the Vaccination Project as well. We will be supporting a Rural Health camp in Dhandhuka and Timbi on Jan 5 thru 8, 2014, immediately following the AAPI Global Healthcare Summit in Ahmedabad.

The AAPI Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund has been critical in providing aid to victims of natural disasters, including more than $55,000 for Hurricane Katrina victims and $50,000 for the Prime Minister’s Fund for Tsunami Victims. We helped to build houses in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity during the major cyclone in Andhra. We also built four hospitals in Gujarat after the major earthquake in collaboration with MAPI and AIF. We are building a psychiatric outpatient center, in Madras with IDRF and SEWA International.

In addition, AAPI-CF grants scholarships to medical students, residents, and visiting specialists so that they may further their knowledge and skills in helping the deprived and indigent.

As the foundation moves forward, we hope are aiming to include support for charity clinics in the US as part of the significant and diverse scope of our work. AAPI doctors are already helping uninsured patients across the US, and we hope expect to bring these clinics together under the Charitable Clinic Consortium. This consortium would further our efforts in becoming a charitable partner in the US.

The work and the continued growth of the Foundation are made possible by various regional and national fundraising efforts our members engage in. For example, regional coordinators in Pittsburgh have hosted annual fundraising events for the past 18 years, and the Texas Indian Physicians Society have has helped during the last 4 years. The Hema Malini & Shreya Ghoshal fund raising shows have also been successful. Shows in previous years by entertainers Hema Malini and Sherya Ghoshal have also been very successful in raising funds.

There are no administrative costs, and virtually 100% of your donation reaches the people. If we all join together, these important goals will soon be a reality. With your help, we can continue this invaluable humanitarian effort and serve our Matrubhoomi and Karma Bhoomi.