AAPI Preventive Health Clinic of Jagtial

The AAPI Preventive Health Clinic was established in December 2005 with the mission to improve the health and wellness of villagers of Jagtial area focusing on ABCD’S. (AIDS, Blindness prevention, Child-Mother health, Deafness prevention, Diabetes screening and education, Safe drinking water, and sanitation). 



AAPI Preventive Health Clinic
Ashok Nagar
Near Pavani Eye Hospital
Jagtial, Telangana


US Contacts:

Jagan Ailinani, MD, FACR

Cell: 618-201-5742


Contact person/Organizing Secretary, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Phone 984 904 3300

India Contacts:

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Krishna Manchala



US Contacts:

Jagan Ailinani, MD, FACR, Carbondale, Illinois

Home: 618-529-1208 Office 618-529-0721 Cell: 618-201-5742 Fax: 618-529-0420


More Patrons Needed

AAPI-CF appeals for more CF patron members

Flood Disaster Relief Fund

AAPI CF rallies support for humanitarian assistance

About Us

AAPI boasts of an enthusiastic membership of physicians of Indian origin across the United States. AAPI's charitable foundation (AAPI-CF) aims to serve the millions of people who could benefit from a good standard of medical services.Through the assistance and hard work of several dedicated and distinguished AAPI Physicians, the AAPI Charitable Foundation was established in 1992. Our Foundation was designed to provide an infrastructure support system for needy patients in India. Please help us to continue supporting our clinics by donating, volunteering, and spreading the word about our organization.

Contact Us

  • 600 Enterprise Drive, Suite 108, Oak Brook, Illinois
  • (630) 990-2277
  • info@aapicharitablefoundation.org