Guidelines for New & Existing Clinics

1. Requests for new clinic should have a detailed proposal about the operation and funding sources (initial funds for the project & for perpetual maintenance e.g. endowment funds).

2. There should be a liaison person who is an AAPICF Patron Board member or AAPICF patron organization.

3. AAPICF will provide guidance and technical support, if needed. The charitable clinic is not entitled to any financial support, from AAPICF, except as laid out in the initial terms.

4. There should be an existing infrastructure, in India along with local Board of trustees or other NGO’s like rotary or charitable trust etc to supervise and advice.

5. Our preference is to have one organized AAPICF clinic in each State, in India. Efforts should be made towards running this clinic efficiently and serve the genuine poor people in that region. If more than one clinic is desired, in a particular State, then those second and third clinics, in that particular state, should be budget neutral to AAPICF.

6. The AAPICF Board reserves the right to reduce or cancel funding for the clinic.

7. Each clinic is required to provide a detailed financial report each quarter and annually. In order to maintain transparency and accountability, we need itemized expenses sent to us in a timely manner, At least once a year, for auditing purposes and evaluating. We also need appropriate updated information/statistics and recent pictures of service activities done in the clinic. Periodic evaluation, re-evaluation and status reports are required from each clinic, before funding. We need location addresses of all the clinics, Name and contact number of the Liaison officer in India so the functionality and claims of the clinics can be verified independently. This is a part of our Fiduciary responsibility

8. Organized efforts should be made by the liaison AAPICF Board member or AAPICF patron members to visit clinics annually and provide status reports.

9. AAPICF plans to incorporate operational and educational meetings between clinics managers+ staff. Local Health camps with various AAPI physician specialists are encouraged. Practicing doctors, physicians in training and medical students periodically request to work in various clinics 1 to 4 week stretch. AAPICF clinics should make every effort to accommodate their requests.


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Flood Disaster Relief Fund

AAPI CF rallies support for humanitarian assistance

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AAPI boasts of an enthusiastic membership of physicians of Indian origin across the United States. AAPI's charitable foundation (AAPI-CF) aims to serve the millions of people who could benefit from a good standard of medical services.Through the assistance and hard work of several dedicated and distinguished AAPI Physicians, the AAPI Charitable Foundation was established in 1992. Our Foundation was designed to provide an infrastructure support system for needy patients in India. Please help us to continue supporting our clinics by donating, volunteering, and spreading the word about our organization.

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