Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital

Shriya Bhatt Mission Hospital

AAPI Charitable Foundation Clinic Community Briefing:  holds two day Free Medical Camp on Renal Diseases/Urology on Nov 5 and 6, 2014

Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital Durganagar Jammu held two day Free Medical Camp on Renal Diseases on 5th and 6th of Nov.2014. Dr. Shiban Warikoo, an eminent urologist from USA. A wide spectrum of 112 patients of all ages and genders from a cross section of society availed of the golden opportunity. Almost all types of afflictions came under the doctor’s scanner, but the maximum patients were of enlarged prostate in males and stress/urge incontinence in females, besides kidney infections and stones, chronic renal failure, cancers of the urinary system, hypertension etc. Most of the patients were Kashmiri Refugees living in Jammu and around.

Dr. K L Chowdhury, Patron-Director of the Centre while inaugurating the camp welcomed the visiting doctor and described him as a son of the soil who comes to discharge his debt of gratitude to the community. He said, every time Dr. Warikoo visits India he makes it a point to offer his expertise to the local population of patients. Dr. Chowdhury said that the patients would be followed up at the medical center to monitor the progress and hoped that Dr. Warikoo would grace the medical center again in the future. Dr. Chowdhury also threw light on the Max Foundation (international organization) which is providing medicine to the CML patients all over the Globe and paid Homage to the MAX on whose name the organization is working all over the world. 

Vir Ji Bhat Gen. Secretary of the Hospital and the supervisor  the Max Foundation J&K Chapter informed that the two day camp was one of series of Medical Camps held at the Centre ever since its inception more than a decade ago with the aim of rendering free medical expertise and providing free medicines to poor and needy patients. During this period we have held 102 Medical camps on different diseases in and outside the hospital of which twelve were held by overseas doctors. 

A team of social activists headed by R.K.Pandita Manager of the hospital along with Adersh Ajit, Omji bhat, Viney Kumar, Rugubir Singh, Bal ji lent their valuable service in the running of the urology camp.

R.K. Pandita informed that AAPI is providing help to the center to organize such camps

The patients were provided complimentary drugs supplied by pharma companies.