AAPI Charitable Foundation is Making a Plea for More CF-Patron Members

We gladly welcome more Patron-Members for our AAPI Charitable Foundation.


The lifetime pledge to be a Patron-Trustee membership is $10,000, which is a one-time donation for individuals. Since voluntary donations are at an all-time low, the AAPI-Charitable Foundation is making a plea for more Patron members. (We proudly announce that all current AAPI-CF -executive committee and past AAPI–Charitable-Foundation Presidents are Patron Trustees.)


We have several alumni & specialty societies who have donated $10,000 for the Organizational Patron Membership. E.g., TIPS (SW) chapter, TIPS (State Chapter), Indian Am Urology Assoc (IAUA) etc We respectfully also requested state chapters, Medical School alumni organizations and Specialty societies to become AAPI-CF Patron-Association-members so that we can achieve our goal of 50 new patron members.


We are also encouraging our own liaison officers and Directors to donate/raise funds. We expect new projects such as the new Project-ECHO-replication in India, Refugee/Rural Health Camp on Jan 5-8 near Ahmedabad, immunization programs and other worthwhile causes to attract more donors and Patron members into our cherished organization. Please visit our website to learn more about our clinics, ongoing research, Poster section for the GHS and AAPI convention and development, along with new projects that are underway. 


Address of our financial advisor, so that you can mail the check to AAPI Charitable Foundation, directly.


Mr. Girish S. Thakar

Raymond James Financial Services
2001 Montour Church Road, Suite 100
Oakdale, PA 15071 Tel: 412-809-0990


We will send the email-receipt/acknowledgement of this transaction as soon as it is received.


Again, we appreciate all your efforts and service to AAPI-Charitable-Foundation and its board members. 


With Best Wishes and Gratitude,

Nick Nipan Shroff, MD Chairman, AAPI-CF
Midland Urology Ctr