• Provide resources and time to support our 14 AAPI Charitable Foundation (CF) clinics for underserved and poor patients in rural India.
  • Maintain the effectiveness and success of our clinics for the achievements of various health related projects. In addition to providing medical care to clinic patients, each clinic engages in on-site and outreach programs as well.


AAPI-Charitable Foundation is inviting all Liaison officers (of our 14-cf clinics in India) or their designate for the AAPI Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) on Jan 2, 3 & 4. ( ) and for the AAPI-Health camp. Host-AAPI will provide for accommodation of the liaison officers, in India. We encourage all our liaison of India clinics to register, for GHS, early and free of charge, thru the AAPI office.

We expect that the foundation will pay for their travel (air or train) For the GHS convention every AAPI-Charitable Foundation-clinic will bring/send all the details and photographs and posters. These posters will be displayed in the AAPI-CF booth, so that GHS attendees are aware of the good work done in these clinics.

Poster session during San Antonio AAPI Annual Convention, June 25 thru 29, 2014. Every AAPI-Charitable Foundation-clinic will send us all the details and photographs from which our Residents/and med students and volunteers will prepare posters. These posters will be displayed in the AAPI-CF booth, so that AAPI members and the attendees are aware of the good work done in these clinics. During the San Anton convention, we will have a large booth, for the foundation, preferably, just off the entrance, On one table we want to run the AAPI Charitable Foundation video. During the Convention there will be a poster section & a research competition. Participants including MSRF and YPS, and several members will present their work. The benefits of the poster session to AAPI and our Foundation is that it will enhance the stature of AAPI and our Foundation. Hopefully, this will also improve the fund raising capabilities of our organization.

We are currently working on Updates on Project ECHO- Expanding Access to Care for Underserved, in India. This will simultaneously create access to specialist care for underserved populations and provide training for primary care clinicians, nurses and community health workers (CHW) to better treat common, complex diseases. This technology will link providers in rural areas with specialists at an academic medical center and disseminate best-model practices. Project ECHO could be a powerful ally in AAPI’s charitable mission and outreach throughout India. This will foster collaboration between ECHO and AAPI-CF. ECHO has a proven track record, and in collaboration with AAPI-CF we have the potential to extend our reach to serve thousands of patients in several Indian District/Taluka hospitals. During the GHS we plan to discuss the Project ECHO replication in semi-urban India. We will also present this during the San Antonio Convention.

Currently we are involved with the Northern India Flood Disaster Relief Fund Appeal. Over 2 Million people are displaced. Money collected by our Charitable Foundation will help the needy and displaced people due to devastated floods. Funds received will be send thru an organization that ensures 100% of donations will go directly to help the victims and their families. We expect to continue efforts of AAPI Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund for timely help in critical times and providing aid to victims of natural disasters e.g., raising over $55,000 for Hurricane Katrina victims, during the Tsunami of 2004, and the Earthquakes of Gujarat and Maharashtra, AAPI-CF was there to help the victims. We have also raised funds to help cyclone victims in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa etc. We except to put aside a rainy-day fund to continue to readily help during such calamities.

AAPI-CF is working for Childhood Obesity Awareness campaign and encourages all board members to help with fund raising and ticket sales at all 9 locations.

In January, I visited a few villages with Dr. Thakor Patel and later visited several other villages with friends. It was obvious that a majority of villagers were poor and disadvantaged and continued to fight for basic survival needs. For the most part, the struggle began at the point of conception, where undernourishment and poor healthcare facilities lead to significant risk during delivery, with high infant and maternal mortality. There is a dire need to:

  • Help set up additional AAPI-CF clinics for the poor and needy in remote and underserved areas in India
  • Help educate villagers, support local initiatives and vaccination programs
  • Help deprived and indigent villagers have better access to more specialized health care thru Project ECHO replication in India

AAPI-CF is working for Childhood Obesity awareness Campaign and encourages all board members to help with fund raising and ticket sales at all 9 locations


  • Establishment of basic medical care clinics for the poor and needy in remote corners of India and underserved areas of the US.
  • Raising funds to establish a physician fellowship program and scholarship funds for Indian American medical students.
  • Granting scholarships to visiting specialists so that they may further their knowledge and skills in helping the deprived and indigent
  • Setting up trauma centers and emergency clinics in India, AIDS diagnostics and education, support local initiatives, and provide medical care wherever needed.
  • The facilitation of donations of medical equipment and supplies to India. Recipients will be government/municipal run or privately run charity hospitals. Urgently needed equipment includes pacemakers, heart valves, catheters, microscopes, surgical instruments, dialysis machines, supplies and incubators.
  • Partner with other NGOs in several initiatives like the Nandi Drinking-Water-distribution Foundation and the Seva International.
  • Deliver healthcare to uninsured patients and those living on the fringes of society across USA, and bring various clinics run by AAPI-doctors together under our Charitable Clinic Consortium. This consortium would further our efforts in becoming a charitable partner providing healthcare services, in USA.